Titolo: Rachel' Tomb
Autore: Merli- Aghazarian - Russo - Tiemann
Casa editrice: edizioni meridiana
Genere: Viaggi
Lingua: Italiano
Donato da: Autore Andrea Merli
DisponibilitÓ: si
Formato: cartaceo
Posizione Libro: Centro
Settore: Palestina

[Rif. 109] Stampato anno: 2010 - Num. pagine: 86 - Costo: 12,5 Euro

"Rachel's Tomb: An Alien in Her Hometown?" is an added asset to the University Library, with copies received from Lucia Maria Russo, on behalf of her co-coordinators in the research project about the tomb of Rachel.

Former faculty members and staff Elise Aghazarian, Andrea Merli and Ingeborg Tiemann join Lucia in this novel undertaking exploring the significance and importance of this sacred place venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

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