Titolo: Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie
Autore: Rachel Corrie
Casa editrice: Granta Books
Genere: Racconti
Lingua: Inglese
Donato da: Massimo Mandolini - USA
DisponibilitÓ: si
Formato: cartaceo
Posizione Libro: Centro
Settore: Palestina

[Rif. 346] Stampato anno: 2008 - Num. pagine: 348 - Costo: 13 Euro

Rachel Corrie was a young American activist killed on March 16th 2003, as she tried to block the demolition of a Palestinian family's home in the Gaza strip. She was twenty-three years old. "Let Me Stand Alone" reveals Corrie's striking gifts as a poet and writer, and tells Corrie's story in her own words, from her earliest reflections as a precociously creative and assured young child, to her final eloquent emails from Gaza.Corrie wrote movingly of her relationships with family and friends and of the defining love affair of her life. She wrote with insight and intensity about her creative life, her desire to write and draw. Above all, the book describes her growing political conscience - her desire to break out of a blinkered American perspective and make a difference in the world. Throughout, Corrie's writing displays an extraordinary level of eloquence and self-awareness, humour and compassion. It is hard not to imagine what extraordinary books she would have produced had she lived.